Application Review Process – Part 5: Is it possible to refactor the code base into a more modern or clean one?

by newuser09876 5. March 2014 07:42

To reiterate the review approach:

  • Determine what enterprise architecture era the code was developed in
  • Does the implementation suffer from the issues that newer enterprise architectural patterns have resolved?
  • Does the code base follow a consistent approach or has it diverged from the original design guidelines
  • If the application was rewritten from scratch which main pain points would be resolved
  • Perform a detailed code review with emphasis on security, transactions management, resource management, logging and instrumentation, high availability and adherence to good design and coding principles

Coupled with that background information there are three possible recommendations:

  1. Leave application as is
  2. Refactor and uplift application
  3. Rewrite

Most of the time you should be striving to provide a roadmap for option two as it is the least risky option in the medium term.

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