Application Review Process – Part 3: Did the architecture make sense when it was originally designed?

by newuser09876 3. March 2014 20:49

Recently I rolled off a web based application that I had been the architect on for the last three years. The project has been a huge success, the users’ love it, the domain model is simple to work with and the quality provably high due to a combination of developer tests and business created Specflow tests. Unfortunately by today’s standards the User Experience is poor. During the last three years due to the explosion of HTML5 libraries and mobile computing the entire recommended front end software stack has changed. Moving slightly further back I designed systems without a rich domain model, no Inversion of Controller containers, no Object Relation Mappers and at the start of my career I worked on VB6 applications, Borland’s Object Windows Library and the Active Template Library.

If any these applications were reviewed I would hope they would be compared to the best practices at the time they were built. Complaining that a VB6 application doesn’t use Web Services to communicate with a server provides little value. Instead the reviewer should determine whether DCOM/COM+ were utilised correctly and provide alternative implementations as an appendix.

For the particular enterprise application architecture did it follow best development practices?

  • Verify client server applications  doesn’t have write access to the database
  • Verify N-Tiered applications doesn’t separate logic layers across multiple machines
  • Verify for modern apps
    • Two way data binding is used
    • Client is unit tested

For the particular enterprise application architecture did it follow best scalability practices?

  • Verify for 3 Tiered application
    • indexes cover common queries and are updated
    • Load balancers in front of servers
    • Session state minimised
  • Verify for a N-Tiered application
    • Caching is used
  • Verify for modern application
    • Data is aggregated and pre-processed before it is delivered to the user

It can be helpful to document that a project used an old style enterprise application architecture even though the industry was already moving to an alternative as it shows the original team wasn’t following industry trends however this analysis is preferred in an appendix.

  • Although.NET and Java platforms were available the project was built using VB6
  • Although Object Relationship Mappers were available the project was built using Table Gateway Pattern
  • Although two way data binding was available hand rolled binding was used
  • Although company use Active Directory for user authorisation the project was built using a custom security table

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