Application Review Process – Part 1

by newuser09876 27. February 2014 15:06

In most large enterprises there will be hundreds or thousands of applications within their portfolio and with the incredible pace of change within the technology sector the vast majority of those applications will:

  • have been developed using out dated techniques
  • been built with languages or tool chains that are no longer supported
  • have little or no documentation
  • have a poor user experience
  • have fundamental architectural flaws
    • insecure
    • poor transaction management
    • don’t scale

Even though they might have faults or be technically impure they “Run the Business” and for large enterprises without their bespoke applications they would literally cease to exist. Hence every couple of years an architect or senior developer will be asked to do an architectural review to determine whether a particular application can hobble along for another couple of years as is, if some investment needs to be made to refactor or uplift the design or whether the organisation should explore decommissioning it entirely.

After partaking in many of these reviews I have developed a semi-formal process based around answering the following questions:

  1. What enterprise application architecture was used to create the solution?
  2. Did the architecture make sense when it was originally designed?
  3. How does the architecture compare to a system designed today?
  4. Are there any fundamental issues with the implementation?
  5. Is it possible to refactor the code base into a more modern or clean one?

Over the next few posts I will be giving some background to each of the questions and then provide a set of review checklists.

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