Phone interview questions

by newuser09876 12. April 2014 12:23

Following from the previous post I have decided to post a selection of questions that I have used for phone interview questions.

Front End – WPF



What is XAML?


What are dependency properties?


What does MVVM stand for?


What is INotifyPropertyChanged used for?


What is the Dispatcher for?


What are Value Converters?


What is a scene graph?


Name some layout controls?


What are the Pros and Cons of using events in XAML?


Name some data binding types available in XAML?


What is ICommand used for?


What are Data Templates used for?


What techniques make XAML work nicely with blend?



Front End – Web



Name some templating engines?


What is REST?


Name some useful Javascript libraries?


What is the revealing module pattern?


What is a SPA?


What is SVG?


What is MVC?


What is CSS display used for?


What is a headless browser?


How do you write tests against Javascript?


Name some HMTL 5 features?


Name some CSS 3 features?


What are media types for?


What is asm.js?


What are the Pros and Cons of using session state?


What is an Output cache?


Name some HTTP status codes


What are DOCTYPES for?


How do you convert a JSON string into objects?


Name some new HTML5 element types?


What is the canvas element for?


Where can state be stored on client?






How should strings be concatenated together?


What does IDisposable do?


What does yield do?


What is an expression tree?


When does a linq statement get evaluated?


How do you do a left outer join in Linq?


What is the difference between a class and a struct?


What is a value type?


What is a fluent interface?


What is Nuget?


What are Auto Properties?


What is type inference?


What is the difference between a Task and a Thread?


What does the async keyword do?


What is abstract used for?


How do you stop a class from being inherited from?


How can a loop be parallelised in .NET?


What is exception handling?


Explain how the garbage collector works


What does new operator do to a function?


What is a virtual method?





Fail, Pass, Export

Name some patterns?


Name some anti-patterns?


What does Platform as a Service mean?


What is SOA?


What is immutability?


What is DevOps?


What is a sticky load balancer?


What is NoSQL?


What does scale up versus scale out mean?


What is CQRS?


What is Event Sourcing?


What is continuous deployment?


How does the Actor pattern reduce threading complexity?


What is IOC?


What is an ORM?


What is a pure function?





Fail, Pass, Export

What is an index?


What are constraints?


How do you implement paging in a query?


How do you prevent SQL injection attacks?


What is a document store?


What is a deadlock and how do you prevent them?


How do you debug a slow query?


How is high availability achieved?


What are facts?


What are dimensions?


What are partitions?


What are database statistics?


What is connection pooling?




Fail, Pass, Export

What is a stand up?


What are backlogs?


What is DevOps?


What is CI?


What is Code Coverage? What is a good number?


Should developers share a common database?


What is meant by “Embrace Change”?

What is lean?  
What is Specification by Example?  
What is TDD and TFD?  
What is BDD?  




Fail, Pass, Export

Have you read any technical books  recently?

Do you read any blogs?  
Have you been to any technical conferences or user groups?  

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Technical staff interview process

by newuser09876 10. April 2014 20:03

One of the strangest aspects of the IT industry is how poorly managed the hiring process is. There are a number of reasons for this.

Poor management
  • Instead of interviewing 4 or 6 weeks in advance of a position needing to be filled its done as an emergency measure to fix an immediate resourcing problem and thus only the smaller pool of unemployed developers is considered
  • Specialists are hired to solve a particular pain points as opposed to hiring a gun generalist and having them skill up
  • Company’s often wont vet staff from consulting companies which leads to project starting with the A team and then overtime them being backfilled with the B team
  • Being a good interviewer is a skill you can only learn by doing lots of interviews and in most organisations there isn’t a large turnover of staff to gain this skill
  • Interviews are time consuming so short interviews with gut feel valuations are preferred to slower move rigorous approaches
Poor quality questions
  • Development managers and project managers may no longer be close to the technology and so cannot properly evaluate someone’s skill level
  • Questions that can only be answered correctly by having been working on the project i.e. How would you integrate the Sprocket 23 with a green screen mainframe based order entry system?
  • Questions should be range from easy to extremely complex as you need to determine the limits of someone’s skills by working out where there knowledge base ends
  • Questions being asked are no longer relevant i.e. Asking how ADO.NET Data Tables work on an Entity Framework project
Lack of focus
  • Interview consists of having the project manager spend 30 minutes discussing the project and the technical interview consists of two questions about which version of Java the developer has used
  • Interviewers don’t have a pre-set list of questions and instead wing it during the session
  • Questions jump from technology to technology instead of deep diving

I have found that the best approach to finding good staff is to:

  • Interview at least ten to twelve people for each position
  • Have a defined structured approach so that it is easy to compare candidates
  • Have a phased approach so that candidates can be knocked out quickly which reduces the impact to project staff being tied up doing subsequent interviews
  • Hire generalists over product specialists
  • Make the interview process a rite of passage – it’s hard but everyone on the team has gone through it
  • Get each staff member to list the three smartest developers they have worked with and cold call them

Phase 1 – Technical Phone interview

The phone interview goes for around 30 minutes and is used to determine what the breadth and depth of the candidate’s skills are. The questions are grouped into technical areas such as Web, .NET, Database, Architecture, SDLC, Agile and Craftsmanship and the responses are marked as Fail, Pass or Expert. The questions complexity ranges from assumed knowledge up to expert level.

At this stage we are interesting in quickly culling the number of candidates and about seventy percent of candidates don’t go any further in the process.

Phase 2 – Take home development task

Next the candidate is provided with a shell Visual Studio project which includes a simple database, data entry screen and shell tests. The developer needs to “fill out” the solution so that the tests pass. It’s a reasonably simple task that should only take 4 hours.

Phase 3 – Architecture whiteboard session

The last two phases are on premise. The architecture whiteboard session consists of providing the candidate with a set of requirements for an application. They are left for 20 minutes to think about the problem and then they describe and defend their implementation.

Phase 4 – Soft skills and personality fit

Assuming they have reached the final phase the interview process is completed by the project manager and development lead where it focuses on determining whether they will be a good fit for the organisation.

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Questions to ask at interviews – Do I really want to work there?

by newuser09876 9. April 2014 08:45

Over the last couple of weeks a few friends and I have been discussing getting work in the current economic climate.  The projects are smaller than they were six or seven years ago and the number of vacancies has reduced.  This means that once you accept a position its relatively difficult to “jump ship” if the organisation isn’t what you expected or want.  Hence the most important objective within an interview is to quickly determine if you want to spend the next six or twelve months of your life on the project.

Unfortunately this can be rather difficult:

  • No one will admit their project is failing
  • No one will admit that their development stack is out of date
  • No one will admit that their developers produce low quality code
  • No one will admit that the organisation is so bureaucratic that five people need to approve a code check in or that eight teams are required to change a stored procedure
  • Every company is the world is now “Agile” although somehow the definition is slightly different each time

I have a list of questions that I have “on tap” that I ask during an interview to quickly work out what type of place I am going to find myself. The trick is to scatter these throughout the interview instead of using that small allocation for “questions” that happens at the end of the discussion.

Asking questions throughout:

  • Shows that you’re engaged
  • Shows that you’re an active listener
  • Allows you to take command of the interview
    • Managers like talking about the “org” chart, budget, timelines etc.
    • I want to know whether it’s a .Net 4.5 or .Net 2.0 project and whether it will be a “Death March”

In many ways an interview is an opportunity to do a mini architectural and SDLC review of the organisation you are going to work.

Development tools

  • Is Resharper used on the project?
  • What is the source control system?
  • What version of .Net is used?
  • Are there licenses for .Net Memory Profiler?
  • Does the team have a shared developer VM or image?
  • Will I have administrator access on my machine?
  • Will I have an MSDN license?
  • Do developers have their own private database or is it shared?


  • Which GUI framework is being used MVC, Angular, Knockout etc?
  • How does the code connect to the database?
  • Is an IOC container being used?
  • What’s the most complex component in the solution?
  • Is messaging used?
  • Is a NoSQL database in the solution?
  • How is caching managed?

Automated testing and build process

  • Are there automated tests?
  • What code coverage do the tests have?
  • What style of testing is used?
  • Do the testers or analysts help write the tests?
  • What Continuous Integration server is used?
  • How long does the build take?
  • How is code deployed into environments manual or automatically?

Project management

  • Can you describe the SDLC model used on the project?
  • Who attends stand ups?
  • Is there a product backlog and release backlog?
  • Is everything mandatory or can items be prioritised and dropped?
  • Do developers engage with the business directly?
  • How are tasks allocated?

Continuous improvements

  • Is there an official place to put down technical debt?
  • Is there a Wiki and what goes into it?
  • Are developers sent to conferences?
  • Does refactoring occur?

Deployments and Infrastructure

  • Who does the deployments?
  • What’s the process to get code into production?
  • What test environments are there?
  • What are the support hours?
  • Am I expected to do out of hours support?
  • When do deployments occur weekdays or weekends?
  • How regular are they?

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