Application Review Process – Part 5: Is it possible to refactor the code base into a more modern or clean one?

by newuser09876 5. March 2014 07:42

To reiterate the review approach:

  • Determine what enterprise architecture era the code was developed in
  • Does the implementation suffer from the issues that newer enterprise architectural patterns have resolved?
  • Does the code base follow a consistent approach or has it diverged from the original design guidelines
  • If the application was rewritten from scratch which main pain points would be resolved
  • Perform a detailed code review with emphasis on security, transactions management, resource management, logging and instrumentation, high availability and adherence to good design and coding principles

Coupled with that background information there are three possible recommendations:

  1. Leave application as is
  2. Refactor and uplift application
  3. Rewrite

Most of the time you should be striving to provide a roadmap for option two as it is the least risky option in the medium term.

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Application Review Process – Part 5: Are there any fundamental issues with the implementation?

by newuser09876 4. March 2014 21:46

This section is where the detailed code review resides. If a system has been in production for a period the code base will start diverging from the originally envisaged enterprise architectural pattern. Common issues include:

  • In a layered architecture some new components might bypass layers and connect straight to the database
  • A system that used to be solely messaging based might start using files or direct database access instead
  • Multiple systems might connect directly to the database as opposed to going via a shared service

As for the detailed code review there are simple checks to do up front:

  • Use a code duplication tool to determine the amount of “Copying and Pasting” has been used
  • Use Resharper to see how many issues it can find
  • Determine if there are any unit and integration tests
  • If the tests are excessively long
    • Is “Arrange” step is overly complex
    • Are tests focussed on one problem or do they contain dozens of “Asserts”
  • Are there an excessive number of solution files and projects
    • Team might be confusing logical and physical separation
    • Design doesn’t include Aggregate roots and trees of interrelated objects and instead is modelling at the database table level
    • May include unnecessary abstractions and layers that could be collapsed
  • Run NDepend or another tool that checks for cyclomatic complexity
  • Review the 10 largest methods in the application
    • Do they look reasonable?
    • Are they factories that populate Data Transfer Objects and could be replaced with AutoMapper?
    • Are they mixing data access with rending code?
    • Is the code generated?


How are transactions handled in the application?

  • Enterprise Services/COM+/XA
  • In stored procs

Is it consistent?

  • All service methods create a TransactionScope
  • AOP injected
  • All components hosted in COM+

Is data integrity ensured?

  • NOLOCK scattered throughout the code base
  • NoSQL database utilised and service writes to multiple documents without mutual exclusion strategy
  • Summary tables aren’t consistently populated and thus can drift out of sync


Logging is consistent across application?

  • All service method write parameters to a log
  • All use same logging framework
  • Write to the same logging repository

Is application support team able to resolve issues by utilising the logs?

Will the application fail in production if logging sink goes down?

  • Logs are written to database table and if that is down application cant start
  • Audit Web Service fails and orders can’t be processed

System provides data changes auditing?


Role based security is used?

  • Users are assigned roles in the application
  • Accounts that run the Web Services and Application Servers are assigned roles in the database and not given rights directly

Authorisation checks are made in a consistent manner?

  • MVC custom attributes used
  • AOP injects authorisation check into all Web Service calls
  • Security Context is assigned to user at login and is then passed into each subsequent request

Active Directory or LDAP utilised

  • Internal enterprise applications should not develop a custom user authentication module
  • Integrated security preferred to connection strings including username/password

Presentation Layer

What presentation patterns are used?

  • Where does rendering occur
    • On server
    • On client
  • Two way data binding used

Client code follows best practices?

  • CSS and Javascript in files so that they can be cached on client
  • CSS used over inline styles
  • ViewModels used over events


Is data movements minimised?

  • Sorting, paging and filtering occurs in the database and not in the application server
  • Aggregation operations are performed only once
  • Session data is minimised to reduce copying to and from repository
  • SELECT N + 1 anti-pattern does occur


  • Is cache centralised?
  • If local and distributed caches are used does invalidation logic work correctly?
  • Is it possible to invalidate cache items easily?
  • Are inputs cached?
  • Are results cached?
  • Is cache utilised to protect application from external component failures?
    • HR system contains staff home addresses and when it goes down application stops
    • Each hour all addresses are loaded into cache if HR system not contactable leave stale items in cache

Does the system utilise asynchronous operations?

  • The majority of business operations should be performed asynchronously using a message queues
  • Under heavy load queues can be throttled to reduce work on application servers
  • If external system is down application can continue working by pushing commands onto local queues

Load balancing

  • System is stateless and doesn’t require sticky sessions
  • Load balancer is intelligent and allocates work to the least busy server as opposed to simply using Round Robin scheduling
  • Load balancer doesn’t route traffic to web server if it is off i.e. should not use a ping check
  • SSL encryption is done on Load Balancer to reduce load on the web servers

High Availability

  • Multiple servers in each physical tier in the application
  • Physical tiers are known by Virtual IPs and not by machine names
  • Each servers installation within a physical tier is identical
  • Manual intervention is not required when a server fails
  • Not Highly Available
    • Multiple application servers but some clients only connect to a single machine
    • File shares not redundant
  • Licensing issues meant implementation is Hot/Cold (Active/Passive) as opposed to Hot/Hot (Active/Active)

Resource Management

Are resources cleaned up correctly?

  • Database connections released to pool programmatically and not by garbage collector
  • Events are detached so that views are able to be collected when no longer used
  • IDisposable/using statement used throughout the code
  • LINQ statements that connect to the database are evaluated immediately and not by the caller
  • Code is exception safe i.e. if exception is thrown in middle of method the data structure isn’t left in a corrupted inconsistent state

Locking strategy is consistent and modern?

  • Active Object pattern and producer consumer queues used over lock statements
  • If Optimistic locking strategy is utilised are summary tables correctly written to


  • Comments should not replace source control
    • Defects or changes should not be marked with developers name
    • Changes should not be dated
  • Prefer informative variable, method and class names over comments
  • Prefer “Extract Method” refactoring to comments
  • XML comments
    • Are they used?
    • If so are they populated or empty?
    • Prefer no XML comments to empty comments

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Application Review Process – Part 4: How does the architecture compare to a system designed today?

by newuser09876 4. March 2014 21:12

By comparing the application to one written from scratch using a modern design you are providing the reader with the opportunity to envisage the replace and or refactor alternatives. I call this design an Aspiration Architecture in the documentation. The Aspirational Architecture should highlight pain points which would “disappear” if it was implemented.

They include:

  • Deployment
    • Reduced outage duration
    • Pull versus push
  • Scalability
  • User experience
  • Security
  • Maintainability
  • Development productivity
  • Access to resources
  • Testability
  • Quality
  • Concurrency
  • Internationalisation
  • Data timeliness

As I have noted before it is very important that this section doesn’t over shadow the rest of the review process. A paper based design will always be far superior to a real implementation with a finite budget and time.

Hence each pain point and its modern solution should be itemised and detailed separately so that at a future time they can be estimated, planned and executed as independent projects.

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Application Review Process – Part 3: Did the architecture make sense when it was originally designed?

by newuser09876 3. March 2014 20:49

Recently I rolled off a web based application that I had been the architect on for the last three years. The project has been a huge success, the users’ love it, the domain model is simple to work with and the quality provably high due to a combination of developer tests and business created Specflow tests. Unfortunately by today’s standards the User Experience is poor. During the last three years due to the explosion of HTML5 libraries and mobile computing the entire recommended front end software stack has changed. Moving slightly further back I designed systems without a rich domain model, no Inversion of Controller containers, no Object Relation Mappers and at the start of my career I worked on VB6 applications, Borland’s Object Windows Library and the Active Template Library.

If any these applications were reviewed I would hope they would be compared to the best practices at the time they were built. Complaining that a VB6 application doesn’t use Web Services to communicate with a server provides little value. Instead the reviewer should determine whether DCOM/COM+ were utilised correctly and provide alternative implementations as an appendix.

For the particular enterprise application architecture did it follow best development practices?

  • Verify client server applications  doesn’t have write access to the database
  • Verify N-Tiered applications doesn’t separate logic layers across multiple machines
  • Verify for modern apps
    • Two way data binding is used
    • Client is unit tested

For the particular enterprise application architecture did it follow best scalability practices?

  • Verify for 3 Tiered application
    • indexes cover common queries and are updated
    • Load balancers in front of servers
    • Session state minimised
  • Verify for a N-Tiered application
    • Caching is used
  • Verify for modern application
    • Data is aggregated and pre-processed before it is delivered to the user

It can be helpful to document that a project used an old style enterprise application architecture even though the industry was already moving to an alternative as it shows the original team wasn’t following industry trends however this analysis is preferred in an appendix.

  • Although.NET and Java platforms were available the project was built using VB6
  • Although Object Relationship Mappers were available the project was built using Table Gateway Pattern
  • Although two way data binding was available hand rolled binding was used
  • Although company use Active Directory for user authorisation the project was built using a custom security table

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